Multistream website

Hello. So i am a php developer, and i barely know anything about javascript at all. I tried to make simple multistream thing on my website using $_GET method from search bar and in other link that my form redirects it to, to show 2 different channels.

However, the links works fine, site works fine, but embed code i used from “twitch embed everything” doesn’t read the variable. Even tho i tried to use php code INSIDE it.

It just keeps seeing it as a $channelname.

I would really appreciate if someone knew how to fix this, also sorry if this is wrong category… Didn’t know where to post it.

So you are just trying to echo a PHP variable? are you using the wrong quotes?

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not really, because if in javascripts it is " then i use '. Unless, inside the function, it doesnt really matter if i just open php and close it before javascript ends. So maybe i am.

i actually fixed it, thanks.

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