Need help from a developer getting my user account


I was logged out of a service that uses OAuth and when I logged back in I was asked to recreate my account. I asked the website developer to check my username and see what twitch account was linked with it to make sure that I was logging into the right twitch account. All he could give me was this twitch id: 214265595

I’ve tried using the twich API through my web browser to check which account was associated with that ID but it returned 400 ( ? ). I’m not sure if I was doing the right thing though, so could anyone that has experience returning user account names from twitch account id’s check that id and tell me the username associated? Thank you!

The reason for the 400 was likely because you didn’t include a client ID with the API request. I just did a quick check and the username for that ID is ‘shirahama0’

Thank you very much that worked!

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