Needing help for create channel teams

Hi guys.
I’m pretty new and I don’t understand anything. I would like to create some kinds of “teams” on my stream. Viewers could spend points on “team cat” or “team dog” to get a point to this team. I’ve searched on the twitch developpers how to do that but I don’t understand anything. I’m a french streamer and I don’t get where am I supposer to put commands, how to do that, and how to create this things… Is there anybody that should be able to help me ?

This is not a feature provided by the API

Sure you could use channel points to let people “buy” into a team

But you’d need a developer to handle the processing of the purchases

But you may also be referring to predictions

So really you need to find someone to work for you to achieve what you want. The Twitch API and products only provide a fabric to achieve your end goals.

if won’t do everything you seem to need “outta the box”

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