New API seems to lack a lot of functionality?


I’m very concerned about the fact that many useful API endpoints in v5 of the API do not appear in the new API, such as the Search API, the Communities API, and the Teams API. (I’m also concerned about the Games API as without it the game_id returned by current APIs is mostly useless, but it appears that this is being explored according to the Roadmap.)

Is this simply down to not having yet implemented these APIs, or is there motivation for removing these?

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I’m also confused by the docs. The Twitch API V5 stuff needs to be completely moved from to somewhere else. I don’t know which stuff is for the New API or which is for V5.

I also noticed a lack of endpoints that are in the V5 and V3. Likely as you said they are still implementing them in.

It seems that all the new stuff, as of now, is under the “New Twitch API” section, which is small as Twitch seems to continue developing that API based on Trello (Roadmap). I imagine that once they have it further developed, that we may see something like before that we can pick the version of the API that we want to review from a drop down, but, given that it is still very much in it’s [apparent] infancy, it seems that is why it is organized like it is.

Just my perception of this, someone from Twitch would have to weigh in.

v5: /kraken/
New: /helix/

The clue is in the URL to the resource.

And yeah Helix is missing LOTS of stuff but most of it is on the RoadMap

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The new API is far from done as the roadmap shows. One point of clarity is that the new Twitch API will not be at feature parity with v3/v5. This is a deliberate decision as we have just over 100 supported endpoints in v3/v5 but 97% of all usage is across 15 endpoints (kind of crazy, huh?). We’re focusing on fewer endpoints that are purposefully designed and provide value to developers.

For the website, we’re well aware that v5 has too much prominence for something that is deprecated. We’re fixing it. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps bring some clarity!

I couldn’t find any mention of channel API endpoint in helix. Right now there is no way of getting follower count because of that.

Is channel API planned to come back or maybe just merged into users?

Like @DallasNChains mentioned in the comment right above yours, the API is far from complete. They’re rolling it out in phases is a way to look at it

I figured it out to this point. Just wanted to make sure about the details, because we are supposed to look at the roadmap. But roadmap doesn’t have some of features and it’s still a valid thing to know if parts not listed are going away.

@asterius I would highly recommend reading the announcement blog:

Quote from there:

User and Channel objects had a large overlap in their data models, so we decided to reduce down to just a User object.

thanks, should have found it

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