[New Twitch API] Deprecating Get Streams by Type


As some of you have noticed and commented on, filtering streams by type in the new Twitch API currently isn’t working properly. Until we are in a position to better address the issue, and Video Producer is further along in its development, we’re going to disable filtering streams by type.

Don’t worry, we’re going to do this in a way that should keep your integrations functioning. This will be the new behavior until we are able to provide filtering by type:

  • Only live streams are supported
  • If no type is specified, the results will only contain streams of type “live”
  • If type is specified to be “all,” your results should contain only streams of type “live.”
  • If type is specified to be “live,” your results should continue to return as expected.
  • If type is specified to be “vodcast,” your results will be an empty array.

The documentation will be updated shortly to remove “type” support from the Get Streams API.

We are sincerely grateful for your patience as we work towards making our third-party APIs for Twitch as reliable as possible.

Thank you!

i’m assuming this is why my integration is broken though…

Will querying videos by type be tweaked as Video Producer is worked on? Currently, I’m still having issues with filtering by upload as outlined in this topic:


This means we can no longer get reruns and premieres via streams API? That seems a rather poor solution. Especially given that this defect has been around for quite some time now and some may have fixed their code by now to handle the new types. It seems a little late to “fix” the API by breaking other stuff than what was broken before.

Also, I assume this is for both kraken and helix?

Hi there - reruns and premieres were never supported via streams API. The goal of this post was to simply confirm that we’re officially disabling filtering streams by type.

This is for Helix only. Thanks!

The current version of Video Producer does not support uploads.

We’re happy to hear about use cases to see how it can be used in the future! Please let us know your feedback.

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