Node IRC, can't get the metadata in messages

I have a bot made using Node JS and the package Node-IRC [ API — node-irc 2.1 documentation ]

I’m not sure how to capture the meta data in the beginning of the ‘alert’ messages. I’v looked through the lib [ ] and cant seem to find where it is being filtered out.

I also seem to have a problem catching all the notices.

bot.addListener(“CLEARCHAT”, function (command){
console.log(command.rawCommand + ‘/’ + command.args + “\n” + JSON.stringify(command, null, 4));

fs.appendFile('host-target.log', JSON.stringify(command, null, 4), function (errs) {
  if (errs) throw errs;


logs as
{ "prefix": "", "server": "", "command": "CLEARCHAT", "rawCommand": "CLEARCHAT", "commandType": "normal", "args": [ "#channel", "user" ] }

I also have listeners setup for USERNOTICE or TARGETHOST, (I know the NOTICE is in the lib) but its never catches these for some reason. I do have one for CAP commands on, this is the return msg
{ "prefix": "", "server": "", "command": "CAP", "rawCommand": "CAP", "commandType": "normal", "args": [ "*", "ACK", "" ] }

You can use the tmi.js module to automatically handle parsing every message.

const tmi = require('tmi.js');

let client = new tmi.client({
            options: {
                    debug: true
            connection: {
                    reconnect: true
            identity: {
                    username: 'username',
                    password: 'oauth token'
            channels: [ 'alca' ]

client.on('connected', (addr, port) => {
    console.log(`Connected via ${addr}:${port}`);

client.on('clearchat', channel => {
    console.log('Chat cleared in', channel);

/* etc. -- */


It makes developing for the Twitch Message Interface with Javascript much faster and more simple.

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