Number of items affect request cost?

Hello, I’m wondering if the number of items in an API request affect the request cost? For example, does fetching 20 (first: 20) videos from a user cost more than fetching 5 (first: 5)?

Twitch do not charge for API access, there’s no monetary difference between a request for a single item, or a request for 100 items.

Oke, thanks for the help.

And similarly a request for 100 users from the New API Users endpoint (specifying 100 user ID’s) instead of 1 only costs 1 API request.

Videos with a limit of 20 is one API request
Videos with a limit of 1 is one API request

Each HTTP request costs one from the rate limit.

Thats if you mean rate limit?

Oke, ya that’ what I meant. Thanks.

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