OAuth session in a desktop game?

I have a website where people can connect their Twitch accounts, and a desktop game with the same style of Twitch integration, requiring you to authenticate via your Twitch account in order to play. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand, the access token returned from Twitch is (by default) only valid for ~1 hour.

Now here’s the complication… The game is meant to be run solely by streamers, and their viewers can play it via twitch chat. Typically with other games, a streamer would log into the game only once (usually off-stream), and then they would stream the game for an undefined number of hours.

Do I need to interrupt their stream by forcing them to log in again every hour? Is there maybe something I can do with the refresh token to prevent this situation?

Ah nevermind. I found the answer here:

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