Our game havent box art

We respresent GameNet technical support service (www.gamenet.ru). We are designed an application QGNA for our customers (over 10 000 000 people) for game launch.

Our game Battle Carnival havent box art. (https://battlecarnival.ru/?auth=enter ; https://gamenet.ru/games/bc/news/). Please help us with this question, where we can add pictures for box art and what size they can be?

Best regards,
GameNet.ru Team

See https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2348988-adding-a-game-to-the-directory

Thanks! I have do this 1 week agom upload picture but our game still no have box art :frowning: What i must to do yet?

Hey, @BogdanFixer!

Was it added to GiantBomb? There is an approval process on the GiantBomb side. Curious if that was completed successfully.


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