Overly disappointed in need of help and guidance

I have tried for months now to get my extension on Twitch and I am still waiting for some news from the review dept.

Submitting my app always took 1 week to be reviewed while it says within 3 business days.

Here’s something that I didn’t know and cost me an additional week of wait for the following:

1- You don’t just submit your extension and they will test it out, you need to show your extension in action on your live channel.
2- I kept my channel live for 1 week but you need to restart your channel every 24 hours or else it’s not considered as “Live” - I don’t know why but that’s what I have experienced.
3- My extension is doing some interaction with a microphone and even if my live channel was showing what it was doing with the microphone it was considered not working so I had to catch up with the reviewer a week later to show
4- Never mention that someone can potentially earn some revenues with bits donations (that’s part of the rules but it’s overly enforced).

My extension requires the installation of a software that we provide for free and allows the interaction with our extension. So now that all steps are reviewed and approved, I was asked to submit the source code of my software. The main problem, it’s not a website/web service nor open source software. So I don’t agree with such request of giving my source code since there’s many ways to test the safety of a software (VirusTotal - a Google division).

I did reach out in PM with a Twitch Staff asking for advise and I was told to respond to the last email received (I did it) also fill out the Google Form adding the information that our software is not open source which I did as well but twitch is not responding at all.

Here’s the current status: 03.03.2022-06.24.54

I have no idea when I will receive some news since we are close to 3 weeks without any news.

If I resubmit the extension, this means that I am going back to square one and I will hit the same roadblock.

Twitch is not telling you if they got your message or not, same thing with the Google form to fill so you don’t really know what is going on.

Please let me know if you have any advice, tips or ideas who contact to move things forward.

Thank you :slight_smile:

3 Business days is their target, but it’s not a guarantee. 2 to 10 business days is normal, and recently with v5 being killed off and CSP changes there should be an expected increase in the number of extensions in the review queue.

The Extension Submission Best Practices does state that there are situations where a live channel is required for review.

I’m not sure where you’re getting this 24 hour figure from. Twitch kills rtmp streams around the 48 hour mark, at which point you just start streaming again to continue, which can be handled automatically by most streaming apps.

If your Extension requires a live device to operate then that would explain why it was required for your channel to be live. Generally if something appears to not work then the review team will reach out or fail the review stating that. Unless its operation is completely clear, then it’s very easy for more complicated extensions to appear broken, this is why proper review notes are critically important for best review times.

Bits transactions are not ‘donations’, it’s an important legal distinction. The Extension documentation has a whole section on Monetization, as well as the Extension Guidelines having a section on the requirements/restrictions on their use.

If you’re not happy with the safety and security requirements then perhaps an Extension is not the appropriate solution for you. Twitch will obviously take as much precaution as they can to protect their broadcasters and viewers, and if your Extension is asking broadcasters to just download and run some random app that Twitch hasn’t vetted then it should be obvious why Twitch has an issue with that.

Also as an off-topic note. It’s probably not helping your cause that you’re likely infringing on Twitch’s copyrights by using the (now removed) PogChamp emote as your user icon.

Thank you Dist for your quick response.

We are at 14 business days - That’s why I’m having some concerns.

Exactly and I didn’t say Twitch did anything wrong. I was pointing out things that took me 7 days to learn and this may help other people who think they understood well the best practices.

Like I have mentioned, that’s what I have experienced. Someone came less than 48 hours and even if the channel was live non stop on twitch it was considered as “offline”. Maybe Twitch had a glitch, I don’t know but once again, that’s my personal experience while the site was live on twitch.tv.

That was sorted out easily with the team but added extra days - once again only my personal experience that may help others.

I have added that comment about my experience for other newbies such as myself. From my understanding it was about “Claiming that people will be rich” that was the problem and not simply mentioning that you potentially can make additional revenues while streaming using extensions. At the end of the day bits means making money but it’s simply something we cannot mention anywhere and we are totally fine with that. it was easy in our case it was just a title to remove.

We have created the technology as an extension because the overall offer was exactly what looked for. We are a team on Twitch Partners and Affiliates and have created a tool to improve a streamer’s experience and think other streamers might love it to. We have worked hard on this and have started the review process in January, we were simply expecting quicker results, that’s all.

I didn’t say that I was not happy with Twitch Extensions. I am not happy not knowing if the google docs was received, I don’t know if my email response was received. I don’t even have an idea when I will get some news. This is the part that is disappointing and think there’s room for improvements - That’s my point of view.

Caring for the security and safety is totally understandable asking for the source code of a closed software is not but at this point, I didn’t receive a response that they don’t agree. There’s many ways to scan/verify if a software is secured or not - Just like StreamLabels is not an open source software and help providing a better streaming experience. So all I am wondering is when will I get some news.

I have used PogChamp for Twitch forums only as I thought it was a “cool little wink” and nothing else - It’s not my Twitch emote - When we submit our extension it’s not using any “twitch copyrighted content” - We have our own branding. I didn’t know it was a thing on Twitch Dev. Forums that’s why I have removed it.

Me and CommanderRoot both got around 9 days (total) recently (so 7 business).

It would seem the queue is flooded with Extensions due to the following recentish changes affecting extensions, with developers not filing said update in sufficent time in advnace of the deadlines for this changes

People will often share their review times in the TwitchDev Discord, and it seems that sadly anything between 7 and 14 days is the queue times at the moment due to the flood of updates being filed.

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Thank you BarryCarlyon for your response and clarification. It makes total sense now. I will continue to wait for a response from the team. Cheers! :slight_smile: