Overwolf game events and twitch extension

Hello everyone and thanks for your time!

I’m updating my current extension with new features including the real-time events from overwolf to participate on the developer challenge. However I’m a bit confused, let’s break it down:

1- In order for this game-events to work, the streamer needs to install the overwolf app and the twitch app for overwolf, right?

2- Where should I “code / add” the events, to my current twitch extension (a new version) that will be used through the overwolf app?

  1. Just overwolf is require for overwolf to send events. But check the overwolf docs for guidance

  2. Wherever you want. It’s your code and program. Put them where you want them in your programming flow. I can’t tell you where to put them in your program without building the whole thing for you

I believe the overwolf docs contains an example or two. That should get you going

I know my questions sounded a bit funny but docs sometimes can be confusing!

I thought I could ask here because of being a twitch-overwolf event.

Anyway I think I made it work now!

Thanks for your time and sorry if this wasn’t the place to ask :+1: