'Pending Approval' Extension Not Loading

Hello, devs!

So I’ve gotten to the point where I’m satisfied with how my video-overlay extension works, how it behaves in hosted test environment, and testing with other broadcasters. So I write up the walkthrough and submit for review. I missed the next two review days due to my late stream schedule, and my extension’s status is placed under “Pending Approval” or “Changes Required.” This is when I begin to notice that the extension no longer loads on mobile, live-config page, the config page, and occasionally the extension install page. Still loads viewer-side, though. No capabilities are required from the viewer or broadcaster, and the only error I can pick up relating to the extension is a 404 the on config page listed as this link. The instructions I received from TwitchDevs, for the status change, was to have the extension active and live on stream at certain times for test/review. Lastly, the extension begins to load normally if I return to ‘hosted test.’

Unsure where the issue lies, and I can’t continue the review without the live-config appearing. So I’m putting it out there to see if others have experienced the same. Is it an issue with mobile-extension’s latest release? Am I bad at debugging my extension? Does the ‘pending’ status prevent extensions from being served?

Either way, thank you for reading!

I too am unable to see the broadcaster views when in hosted testing. Viewer view works fine. Configuration was not working straight away but then started to work. I notice i get the following error in the log although not 100% sure it is it.

Refused to display ‘https://supervisor.ext-twitch.tv/supervisor/v1/index.html?language=en&mode=dashboard’ in a frame because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “frame-ancestors https://.twitch.tv https://.twitch.tech https://localhost.twitch.tv:* http://localhost.rig.twitch.tv:*”.

This is with Hosted Test, Testing (Localhost) works fine although i remember they said you had to add localhost.rig.twitch.tv for the new development rig setup but this should be after that anyway.

Whats strange is the viewer comes from:

Getting similar issues as of today. Viewer/config pages visible, unable to access live_config page in local or hosted.

Released a patch for the extension yesterday however the live_config code was untouched.

I get that “Refused to display https://supervisor.ext-…” error, too, Seravy. I tried uninstalling my extension and refreshing to see if that was the issue. The error still showed regardless, so I’d suggest trying that to rule out your extension as the cause of the error.

As of today, live-config page is loading but config is not, still 404-ing on ‘config.html’. I’ll edit this post later this evening when I check mobile & viewer side.

Edit: Viewer side loads, mobile does not load, unfortunately

As of right now all 3 are loading for me. Mobile i am not sure.

Hi all, to follow up on this post, I can confirm that there was an issue last week regarding incorrect version asset hosting. It was resolved, but please let us know if you see any further issues.

Hey jbulava, thank you for letting us know!
I’m not being served the assets (I’m assuming), on any page, anymore, so I’m unsure what my issue is still.

The extension id is ‘281064’, if it helps with identifying anything.

It’s all resolved for me now. Thanks.