PHP grab a long list of user's stream information

I am creating a website for a local group of people who play League of Legends. There are 100-200 members who are in the community and we want a site where we can have a list of all current users who are streaming and it will show their stream info.

I will be storing their twitch username in the database with their user info from my site. I was wondering how I should go about doing this without slowing down the speed of the load times.

If every time someone loads the page, it will go through the whole database, grabs their Twitch username, and then checks if they are online or not, and if they are it will display their stream info. I know this will be slow since it will be loading the json for every load of the page. Is there a easy way to do this, or should I just do it this way and have the load time be a little slower.

  1. grab all streams from database and get information for streams
  2. cache the output for time x (e.g. in livestream.html or whatever).
  3. if cache is expired. go to step 1. else embed livestream.html or whatever