Popup auto scroll issue

Hello Twitch devs, I am working on an extension. I have several popups in it. For example when extension loads and user is not loggedin then it shows popup for login.

If user is on the top of its twitch extension about page and extension loads and when popup opens the browser window auto scrolls to the popup. I tried many solutions in my extension to overcome this issue. But none of them worked.

I want to know maybe it is something that twitch is doing automatically ? So, when any popup opens it scrolls page to the extension view.

Do you guys have any idea how to prevent this for better user experience ?

Trigger the login UI on positive user interaction, don’t popup without a click/interaction from the user.

if a user just wants to watch the stream and don’t want to interact they’ll get annoyed at having to dismiss the popup.

In my opinion, extensions shouldn’t immedtely run the requestIDShare function but wait for a user request/positive action