[PSA] Group Chat is migrating to AWS servers

seems to be fully functional again, thanks!

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The migration is done! Let me know if you run into any issues.

Thanks, everyone!


That was a quick next week :stuck_out_tongue: Kappa

Whispers seem to be hit-and-miss in terms of whether they’re actually sent. Can anyone else confirm this?

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Yeah, I couldn’t get any whispers from my bot so far. Also NAMES list is broken every time I join a channel.

NAMES doesn’t really work…

If you request CAP Membership it’ll “behave” better for channels sub 1000 people.

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Yeah it doesn’t work for me even with CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership. The only known (former) group chat server IP that has a 100% working NAMES list was The rest don’t send those lists correctly, some of those servers have NAMES working if a room (both group and main) has least 10-20 people online. Pretty annoying and quite threatening to bots that welcome people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I seem to be getting some missws receipts on AWS as well.

17 sent – 13 received on AWS – all 17 received via the pubsub WebSocket feed

Now that this is all on the same server. Does this affect chat rate limits at all or are they still separate between chat and whispers??

I see the same on the Main Site. (Main site has been whisper droppy for about a week in fact) (I don’t use ANY plugins)

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Whispers used the same servers as group chat in the past, but thanks to the migration, they can now be sent and received from the same server as main chat. And I don’t think rate limits are affected at all.

Since we’re on the Group chat topic. Any chance Modding people in group chat rooms will be fixed?



I have an IRC client set up to work with Twitch IRC. I have the CAP commands integrated and working. It’s also connected to the AWS servers.

I’m trying to use whispers and I can send whispers fine using /w username message. But when sending a whisper from desktop to the IRC client, nothing is received, nothing in the logs at all.

Is there anything I’m missing? I am trying to see the whisper in a Twitch channel, is that possible or do I need to make two connections to different channels or something?

Hey guys!

I’ve found a problem with my bot.
With a connection open and ACK commands sent, All my bot does is relay a message back to me. (same message I sent)

I noticed every second time I get the message back; so I check the log.
My bot receives only ~40% of the messages.

Most of the time it will get every second message. Sometimes it will not get two in a row, sometimes it WILL get 2 in a row.

Is this a known cause?

I noticed the same behaviour and I can confirm 40-50%.

I tested again today and the WHISPER command message came through. But as others have said some are not getting received still.

Hello all,

Since the migration, my bot can’t whisp.
I’ve fixed this only for one day but since yesterday the bot can’t send whisp.
Someone cans explain me how fix this please?

I use my bot on IRC

Sissous, is your bot connecting to one of the group chat IP’s? You can now use irc.chat.twitch.tv instead which might fix it. But at the moment whispers seem to be randomly going missing when sent to IRC, could be fixed now though.

When I changed over I am receiving whispers but can’t send any. I get this: @msg-id=whisper_invalid_login :tmi.twitch.tv NOTICE #jtv :No user matching that login. … any ideas?

I believe that means that person you’re trying to whisper doesn’t exist.