PubSub deprecation feedback: danthegoodman

Becuase that is what actually happens.

The user stops being a sub for whatever reason, so a unsubscribe is sent

Then they realise and restart payment leading then to business event from a non sub to a sub.

Leading to a sub start event

And if its a resub an optional extra message sent with the message they left.

Sub/Unsub are business logic events rather than a representation of status.

So channel.subscribe potentially needs a is_resub flag.
But then you get a possiblity that the user will resub and never send a message.
Which generally doesn’t happen with prime resubs but can with regular. Leaving a message is optional and there can be a days between a sub and a resub message inb theory

It is debatebable if this topic is incomplete or not.
Yes additional hydration would be nice, but for feature parity with PubSub then you need chat notification as that is what parities with the PubSub topic it replaces

channel-subscribe-events-v1.<channel_id> is migrate to

Edit: Full migation paths in my opinion are: [source]

Are the documentation issues GitHub’ed? and thus just pending a fix being added to the documentation?