[PubSub] Undocumented whisper message ( type:thread )

When connecting to Twitch’s PubSub and listening to the topic “whispers”, parsing the messages went well. However, tested today, next to a whisper response, we now get a (seemingly) undocumented whisper message (ids are replaced with random numbers):


Can anyone update us on what this is for, and possibly update the documentation?

Excellent, thanks for the thread!

Lets hope someone has some more insights than us :smiley:

Definitely associated with reading/opening an unread whisper message, it seems. Happens on both twitch desktop and on the website. Probably a syncing mechanism between Twitch desktop and the website for UI notifications?

yep looks like an internal event syncing all the UI parts and shouldnt be sent to the public?

You’re both correct! This is an internal pubsub event used to sync multiple Twitch clients (for users who have multiple clients open). It isn’t currently documented as it was not intended for use by third party developers, and the data model is subject to change.


Thanks for clarification. But it looks like you have a bug in that topic then bcs it is also send to third party pubsub connections at the moment it seems,

Well theres no sensible way to spot between a third party or a first party connection without wasting overhead on the connection setup, so it’s just in the main whisper topic rather than throwing another topic in their or doing a “check whom we send to”.

(Yeah you could check the clientID or the auth code but then you’d want another topic rather than sending different data to different clients on the same topic)

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