PubSub: video-playback

GitHub is deprecated as a documentation source. See: Twitch Developer site launch - #4 by george

The reference to video-playback is included in error on the only part that “appears” to be documented is the topic name itself, none of it’s message responses is listed.

PubSub Documented:
Bits Documented:
Whispers Documented:
VidoePlayback Documented: None.

All of the above GitHub documentation links are invalid and no longer supported and are superseeded by github means nothing

PubSub documentation: PubSub | Twitch Developers
Bits Documentation:
Whispers Documentation:
VideoPlayback Documentation: none.

I hope this clears it up for you?

The presence systems is not the video-playback topic, and is also undocumeted and thus unsupported.

DevSuccess is a WHOLE different department to the Twitch Partnership department, which deals with ability for users to Subscribe to a channel.