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Hello, I’m new here, and I have some projects in my course in college, I would like to know if you have for example, receive through the api’s information in a stream of someone playing League of Legends, for example, but receive information from type, which “solo queue” this person is, what “champion” this person is playing at that moment …
Would anyone tell me if this is possible? thank you

You want to collect LoL informations from the twitch api? Thats not possible because its the Twitch API not a League of Legends API

You can find all informations about the twitch api at :

but would then, I get real-time information from someone who is doing STREAM, with APIs Twitch, and pick up this information in real time to catch the APIs League of Legends, which character he is using? or is it also not possible?


It’s possible, but the APIs (you are requested) are authed. Same as the subscriber API of Twitch is authed. You need to be following. Unless you find a way to get passed that, I suggest you also ask this in (for example) a ticket to the actual LoL community/developers and not here at Twitch.

How come you thought the LoL API would be integrated with Twitch API, btw? I’m quite curious now.