Regarding V5 Kraken API and User IDs

So as many people know Streamers use !caster / !shoutout commands to give their fellow streamers a shoutout. Now that Kraken V5 is available I wonder if that will prevent the use of !caster seeing as the target’s ID is required.

There is only one way that I see so far to obtain the ID that is if that specific person has spoken in chat. Now let’s say someone hosts your channel and you have it setup to automatically shoutout their channel once that’s done. In this situation the user has not spoken in your channel so there is no ID to work with.

Is there a way to just grab a target’s Channel ID based on the name in V5? From what I’ve found so far all the API calls that make use of a person’s name require an oauth-token belonging to said user. In case anyone has some insight feel free to let me know.

UPDATE: Found what I was looking for in: , Nevermind :slight_smile:

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