[Request] Way to add user to autohost list via API

Not sure if this has been implemented as autohosting is a new system, but basically with the new autohosts feature I think it’d be nice to have a way to make an API call to add a user to the autohost list similar to how we can update the game or status.

This could be utilized by various applications such as chat bots if a streamer wants to auto-add a user when they host/sub/tip/etc, or for example if an app such as bttv wanted to add an “add user to host list” button to the channel layout when you find a new channel you like.

This would also facilitate the usage of auto hosting by adding quick ways to add a user to auto host rather than going in your options every time you want to add someone to your auto host list

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I don’t believe it has been implemented in the api.

That being said, you may be able to emulate the way the browser does it. Looks like the base64 encoded json blob sports all the data needed to add a new auto-host streamer. Only possible problem is the api_token likely has an exclusive scope that permits it.

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