requestIdShare in Developer rig: Unexpected extension frame event action "twitch-ext-user-action"

In my extension frame, I have a button that allows a user to provide access to their identity. I’m running my extension in the developer rig. When I click request identity button, I’m seeing the following error in the console:

‘Unexpected extension frame event action “twitch-ext-user-action”’

When I check the twitch object inside the console, this method is definitely available as window.Twitch.ext.actions.requestIdShare(), so I’m not sure why I’m getting this error. Any ideas?

UPDATE: I’m seeing this error show up whenever I hover over the extension frame. So these might be two separate errors. requestIdentityShare() simply is doing nothing it seems.

I raised this as a issue before, either on the forums or the rig itself.

You cannot test most of the window.Twitch.ext.actions functions in the rig.

Here it is:

It’s just not in the rig right now.

Thanks BarryCarlyon!

One thing I’m noticing is that whenever I move my cursor over my extension frame it is trying to fire another twitch-ext-user-action which is throwing errors in the log (see the 62 errors at the bottom of the screenshot).

Is this common when using the developer-rig? or am I doing something wrong? I haven’t fired any window.Twitch.ext.actions here…

Those errors were extraneous. The Developer Rig no longer reports them. The only expected console logs from the Rig are CORS warnings. You may safely ignore them.

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