Retrieve broadcast_id in a route

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In PHP i use a quite simple package to get all videos, stream info, but one thing is missing : I don’t see how to get the broadcast_id. Can anyone can help me ?

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It’s returned as id in

But it’s not really useful for anything as it’s not used anywhere else in the API

Oh… How did i miss that … Thanks ! I was planning to use it to retrieve clips of a given streamer to have a more accurate result

Then you just need the user_id of the caster.

the video_id in the clips response

Is for Get Videos it doesn’t reference the “(broadcast) id from get streams”

The ID in get streams is “useless” for anything else in the API as it only appears in the Streams Endpoint.

Though by

It seems you meant the “user_id of the broadcaster” not the “unique ID of the stream/broadcast”

Alright thanks @BarryCarlyon for your time and your help !

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