Retrieving information using Twitch API

So with the code below I am able to get the information shown below e.g. streamTitle.

$json_array = json_decode(file_get_contents(''.strtolower($channelName)), true);
		        if ($json_array['stream'] != null) {
			$currentGame = $json_array['stream']['channel']['game'];
			$channelTitle = $json_array['stream']['channel']['display_name'];
			$streamTitle = $json_array['stream']['channel']['status'];
			$viewers = $json_array['stream']['viewers'];

But what I want to do is to get what comes after self: e.g.( of an API response like the one below which has a specified game and limit but I’m not sure how to do so. I tried something similar to the code above $channelurlAPI = $json_array[‘streams’][‘self’] but it displays nothing.


To access what’s in _links->self, you’d access it with


I really suggest grabbing a browser addon to help you see the structure of JSON content in your browser.

The JSON add-on was very helpful thanks, I was able to get what I wanted to.