RFC 0007 - Chat Capabilities in Extensions

It will coz it sends as “regular” chat.

I suppose extensions not showing in popup chat “makes sense” as the “thing” the Extension chat refers to is not “visible” in popout chat.

The “normal” method for this sort of notification to be pointed to the broadcaster would be the dashboard panel. Which yes, would “require” the broadcaster to have the dashboard open all the time. Which does provide a chat and other metrics

I did not know it does not show in popout chat to be honest, but it will not show in any third party IRC client because the extension chat messages do not get sent out over IRC at all. It only shows in the website chat (exept popout chat apparently)

Interesting. I was not aware chat had sound capabilities, but I guess this explains how extension audio is played to the broadcaster (even when their video stream is closed or muted) and heard in video reruns as well.

It doesn’t

Normally this is achieved by having a browser source in OBS, and then the broadcaster can hear the sounds and additionally it’s recorded to the Stream for later playback and/or viewer clipping