Satisfying the connection security requirements

I’m a noob to web development so this is probably a simple question to most, but I’d like some clarity on this issue before I waste money.

In order to satisfy the requirements in the docs I have to connect to my EBS using a secure connection with valid SSL certificates. From my research there does not seem to be a free way to accomplish that so my questions are as follows:

  • Do I need to register a domain for my EBS so I can get a certificate from an authority?
  • If so, what is the cheapest way for me to get a domain name (that doesn’t need to be memorizable or pronouncable)
  • Will a certificate from do or would I need to pay for that as well?
  • Finally, is there a better way to fulfill that requirement that I’m not thinking of?

Note that I need two-way communication for my project so just using PubSub won’t do.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this

Yes and no.

You could rent a server that gives you a free domain name as part of their package, but you might struggle to be able to install whatever software you need to operate.

Or use a System like AWS, but the domain names are dynamic, and then you’d have to send a new version (of the extension) every time it changes.

So in short, buy what you need, it’s easier.

Depends on the domain name TLD you want.

I use letsencrypt, so yes thats fine