Some hotkeys are broken

Some Twitch hotkeys are broken. And it seems that no one notices this (because no one knows about them?).

Alt+Enter (shows chat if hidden and focuses on chat input) is not focusing at all.
Ember overwrites id of textarea for “ember[0-9]+”, while in Mousetrap binds used “#chat_text_input


Workaround? Get id of textarea from Ember or use class selector.

Alt+C (scrolls to player) - okay while watching live stream, but on past broadcasts videos don’t work.
Very strange. Is that page in the middle of migrating for about two months?
Problem in selector by class, there is no such class “js-player” on player container:


Workaround? Rename class js-player-container to js-player or change selector for “.js-player, .js-player-container”