Streams API is slow updating the game

I am working on a bot for one streamer and realized that the APIs for active Streams ("" and “”) are very slow to update if the game changes and also switches back for one second or so.
The channel API on KRAKEN v5 (“”) updates the game immediately.
Unfortunately there is no channel API in HELIX yet.

Are there any plans to implement the channel API into HELIX or fix the slow Streams API?

Use streams endpoint for live streams, until Helix has offline data endpoint.

It’s not slow. It’s caching.

Any game/title change will take 3/5 minutes to show in the API (both Kraken/helix have this). So it’s not slow, it’s caching. And you will sometimes hit a server in the pool thats not got the update yet.

You may want to look at Webhooks instead

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So why is the channel endpoint totally acurate and returns changes immediately after I made them? Are they working differently?


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