Streams Webhook Reproducible Delay

Was interested in how long on average it takes for Twitch to post to the streams webhook, but it’s actually 100% reproducible to show that it’s always the same delay. From clicking Start Streaming in OBS to the webhook triggering for the stream coming up, it is always 2 minutes and 15 or 16 seconds. From clicking Stop Streaming to the trigger for the stream going down, it is always 5 minutes and 55 seconds. Test it yourself, but it is always the same. Figured this could be useful for other devs out there.

I can second that i am also receiving the up/down notifications after a few minutes have passed (and it’s rather consistent at that)

But i also have the problem that i mostly don’t get the stream down notifications at all, or very rarely altough the same method is called just with different data.

I also made a thread about this:

Maybe the location of the server influences this? if the twitch devs cannot reproduce this problem?

This was discussed on the ChatServer

WebHooks waits for Helix to show the stream as live. So that if you get a streamUp the payload matches helix if you were to perform a helix lookup.

So yes, StreamUp is still as delayed as if you were long polling

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