Subscription rules confuse me

The Webhooks Guide states:

“All subscriptions have an expiration time, which cannot exceed 10 days. To renew a subscription, make a new subscription request with the same parameters as the original request.”

Ok, so every 9 days or so I would have to renew the subscription. So far, so good. But then the Guide says under Limits:

“Also, you can subscribe to the same topic at most 3 times.”

Does that mean that after 30 continuous days I can no longer subscribe to that topic?


Each ClientID can create three ACTIVE subscriptions to the same topic

When you renew the subscription, it basically extends the expire time on the subscription.

A subscription to a topic is defined by it’s ClientID/Topic/CallbackURL

If you subscribe to topic A with Callback B with lease time 10 days this will be defined as Subscription foo
Then 9 days later, if you subscribe to topic A with Callback B with lease time 10 days, it it’ll reset the Subscription foo expires date another 10 days (from the time the request was made). IE replacing the subscription with the new subscription

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Awesome, Barry. Thank you!

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