Swift Twitch - A Swift Wrapper around Helix


Hey everyone! I recently published Swift Twitch, a wrapper around the New Twitch API that’s written in Swift. If anyone is thinking about starting an iOS / Swift-based project that uses the Twitch API, I would highly suggest using Swift Twitch as a basis point.

Link: GitHub - Chris-Perkins/SwiftTwitch: 👾 The New Twitch API for iOS; wrapped in Swift goodness 👾

I wrap around most of the client-facing functions (currently missing checking/updating active user extensions) available from the Helix API. I made sure that usability and typed-data classes were of utmost importance. For example, using Swift Twitch, you can check if two users are following each other by using the following function:

Example Function

    func spectacularFunction() {
        TwitchTokenManager.shared.accessToken = "$SomeValidToken"

        let user1Id = "1234"
        let user2Id = "5678"
        Twitch.Users.getUsersFollows(followerId: user1Id, followedId: user2Id) { result in 
            switch result {
            case .success(let getUsersFollowsData):
                /* If the total = 1, we know that user1 is following user2 
                   as it is documented in the Twitch Reference docs. */
                if getUsersFollowsData.total == 1 {
                    print("User \(user1Id) is following user \(user2Id)!")
                } else {
                    print("User \(user1Id) is not following user \(user2Id)")
            case .failure(let data, let response, let error):
                print("The API call failed! Unable to determine relationship.")

Example Project

I also included an example project that pulls video data from a pre-selected user. This is included in the Swift Twitch repository. Simply follow the instructions of the “Example” section in the README to get started.

I hope that some of you find this library useful for beginning your Twitch-based iOS projects! I will be using it personally for my capstone project this semester, so expect continued development. :slight_smile:



This is awesome, @Chris-Perkins! Thanks for building something so helpful for Twitch developers.

You may want to consider joining this community-run Discord specifically focused on Twitch libraries and see if a mobile development or Swift section can be added.

Thank you so much @jbulava! That means a lot. I’ll be sure to join the community discord. :slight_smile:

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