Testing/Developing Over Extensions while offline

Okay, so I have done a couple of extension streams and I’m slowly getting down to a base system. As I’m using dotnet core 2 it’s been a bit of a pain and also my own “learning”, however Verification of JWTs through API and Websockets works nicely, Signing of JWTs is in theory working, I haven’t tested this.

My next task it to cycle secrets on a periodic basis, the issue I have with all this is to get an official JWT, to test the cycling of a secret and the “re-auth” I need to be online.

Is there hope? It was during my stream last night that there may be help coming with regards this, is that correct? Are we getting an Extension Dev Toolkit that will allow us to test using official methods to get official results rather than predicting?


That said, I can test all of my video extension stuff either on a large streamers stream I’m borrowing, or in a panel extension as my content fits in about the same space.

You know what… I didn’t even think about getting the EBS stuff working by using a panel extension

Thanks for that idea, of course and the confirmation

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Main different between the two is that panel doesn’t have onContext fire and the iframe is way smaller. But you could inspect element to make it bigger if you really need :smiley:

onContext actually fires for panels, use it in my extension to detect live status.

Hmm that might be new then. Must retest