Testing EventSub Keepalive Failure with CLI?

I’m building a system to interact with the EventSub websockets and would like to test my logic for handling an interruption or suspension of the Keepalive messages the server sends. Is there a way to do that locally with the CLI?

I can run the CLI websocket server, connect to it and test all the events I’m handling just fine. I can also obviously close the server and test my connection handling when it abruptly closes, or send the Reconnect message. All that is great, but I dont see a way to simulate the server not sending the Keepalive message without also closing the connection.

Not to my knowledge so fake simulate it and/or make a feature request in the CLI github repo.


Or PR the idea yourself

Thanks! Your suggestion from the Discord was sufficient to test it I think.

I just set the timeout locally to 2 seconds so my code doesn’t get the keepalive message as quickly as it expects and exercises the logic to recover.

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