The great big "I'm using WIX/SomeWebsiteMaking Tool and I don't know how to fix my embed" thread

@BarryCarlyon your quick response is amazing, but I’m still not getting it.

Do I have to make a custom iframe html piece to embed, and use that as the src= value? AFAIK Wix doesn’t allow edits of code directly.

Thank you for your help, seriously.

Please past the URL exactly has shown and completely ignore the Wix Preview tool.

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Thank you. That worked, now my students will be able to watch tomorrow. I really appreciate your help.

I’m using a cargo site and I’m not able to embed
Channel carnavaldigital2020

There is no embed on this site. I cannot fix what I cannot see

hello guys I run in this problem I can not get around it Im using wix for my website and now I can not play video it say the code is reconfigured

my twitch channel name is airmanroman

my wix website is

I followed all the steps on the conversations but still can get it work

any suggestions will be greatly appropriated


thank you for your replay I try that but now is doing this

I gave you the URL to substritute in the existing iframe

<iframe src="" />

copy and paste all of this? sorry not the most tech guy but really appreciate your help


<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="578" width="920" />

Barry, thank you so much sir you are the best wow thank you sir

I put this code

but it doesnt work
the page is
channel carnavaldigital2020

You have a mix of domains with paths and wix URL’s but are not using Wix, should be just domains

it should be

You don’t seem to be using WIX but applied the WIX fixes in error

still doesn work

It should be & not &amp; your copy/paste/tool seem to mangle the URL encoding

i think is working!!! when i save the code it add the & automatically… thank you so much!!!
btw im using a cargo site

Hey … im a bit lost as to how to update twitch player on my website. its a wordpress. thanks for all the help!

Thanks Barry, I’ve been reading your threads but still can’t get my code working. Wondering if you can help!

URL of page not working

I’ve used this in the code in the HTML iframe

I’ve managed to get it working. Thanks Barry for all your great info on here!