The Hello World sample doesn't seem to work, and I can't figure out how it is supposed to

I’ve been using the Hello World sample, at, which I installed through the Twitch Developer Rig, to try to build a compatible EBS with Python. The sample seemed to work, and I thought I had succeeded in writing the EBS in Python, with the color/cycle endpoint working, but couldn’t get color/query to work, until I realised it doesn’t seem to work in the sample anyway. I can see if I view the extension in-browser that the request fails with a 404, with the OPTIONS method, and it seems that both my attempt and the actual sample server are unable to deal with the way browsers appear to make OPTIONS requests before GET requests. This means that the color does not sync across extension viewers, which I believe is part of the point of the extension in the first place. Am I missing something here, or does this just not work?

You need to be CORS compatible. Sounds like you EBS Is not behaving as it’s not supporting CORS.

If you have having issues with the example. The best thing to do is skip the example and just get building. Since the problem you are describing is not a simple one to fix as it could be literally anything.

If you are 404’ing this could mean the path/route to the EBS isn’t correct or it’s just not started or theres something else going on