The ‘twitchnotify’ IRC tag will be removed this month

I never said that people that are new to twitch don’t matter, my point was that just because you have a significant number of users new to twitch that are subbing, and don’t have a subset of users who wish privacy that doesn’t mean that is the same for all Twitch partners and of various sizes. Both the old system and the new system have issues, the polling the API you mentioned isn’t an issue for everyone as not every partner wants to have alerts for users who choose to sub privately so wouldn’t need to do that anyway.

3ventic has mentioned the button issue will be fixed soon so hopefully that’ll ease your concerns with users not knowing what to do.

As for the value of user choice and privacy, we will just have to agree to disagree on :slight_smile:

@3ventic I wouldn’t mind at all if that was scheduled to be rolled out before twitchnotify went away. As it is, “Soon” can be a 2 year process.

@dist Users can already sub privately, so this isn’t adding anything to that. If you’ve got stats that show, sitewide, that there’s a significant amount of users who intentionally lurksub, by all means, please educate me ^^ Just assuming that “any” == “common” or even “enough” because you have a thing for “privacy” doesn’t really bring much to the discussion.

As it is, this change is going to make more confusion than it is going to provide benefits, especially with no timeline for cleaning up the user’s sub experience.

@iamthem00s3 If you’re looking for statistics, the streamer I dev for has 1985 subs. Per day, this would mean he has around 65 new/resubs on average. I get on average 37 USERNOTICES per day (and this is with a requirement of "share"ing to get sub benefits). Unless I’m missing something, this would mean that on average 28/65 subs, or about 43% of his subs lurke-sub.

Obviously this isn’t site-wide and of course doesn’t factor in knowledge of refreshing to share, but even still, there’s likely a good portion of people that don’t want to share their sub messages.

@swiftyspiffy I think what you would be missing there would be mostly the ones who either don’t know how or don’t care to announce sub - it’s making quite a large leap to assume that the remaining 28 are intentional lurk-subs. Since Burke doesn’t call out new subs when they sub there’s little to no incentive to announce.

I appreciate you offering some stats though! What would be useful would be to see would be how many people, before the recent changes rolled out, were new subbing off stream time - Even those won’t be all intentional lurksubs (some people just want emotes when they see them), but it’d be a much closer number than the one you’ve provided here, that’s shrouded in the confusion of “announce new sub”.

You even see him saying “You have to hit announce for new subs” - everyone knows its awkward and confusing.

For streamers that don’t care to say thanks to their subs or who don’t incentivize announcing your sub in any way, sure, this isn’t a big deal. That’s not all streamers though. Other channels run differently, saying thanks to new subs and resubs when they happen instead of in one big batch sometime. The problem with this change is that they’re forcing more work onto people who want to reward subs who don’t know they have to announce.

FYI, having to refresh to share a new subscription has been fixed.


Just saw that! Half way there :smiley:

“So I have to sub, then I have to say I subbed, then senpai might notice?”

[tldr]Fewer steps == more $ from new people[/tldr]

What do you mean by half way there? If you want people to be able to include a message then there always has to be an additional step. Unless writing the message is integrated into the initial sub process, but then it wouldn’t be consistent with announcing resubs.

Half-way-there as in it’s not part of the initial sub process. They have to do two separate processes to have their sub show up on stream.

@jbulava and @DallasNChains - what’s going to happen to the starting-stream messages that said:
11 viewers resubscribed while you were away!

It’s not part of the manual resub process…

It makes sense to send a user to a “more secure” place to pay, then shove the notification trigger at the top of chat, so $user can actually see it.

Theres just not enough space on the page to include the payment flow in line with the video, and makes sure that people on sucky connection can see their sub notify in chat/stream overlay

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