:tmi.twitch.tv 42 HOSTTARGET :Unknown command


So I have been trying to make my irc bot host other streamers. But I keep receiving this error telling me that the command HOSTTARGET doesn’t exist.

What I am sending:
REQ :twitch.tv/commands
<:tmi.twitch.tv HOSTTARGET #mychannel targetchannel

And what I receive:
:tmi.twitch.tv 421 mybotname HOSTTARGET :Unknown command`

:tmi.twitch.tv 421 PRIVMSG #mychannel :/host targetchannel
also does not work

The Command for bots are “.” not “/” so try sending:

PRIVMSG #mychannel : .host targetchannel

Thank you, the use of the dot helped.

Unfortunately, another error appeared, this time:
:tmi.twitch.tv NOTICE #mybotname :You don’t have permission to perform that action.

I try to execute the command on my channel, where the bot is registered.

The bot needs to be an editor on your channel to run that command

How can I give this permission?
It’s weird because the / clear command works fine.

clear is a normal moderator permission.

Editor rights can be granted via the dashboard for the channel you wish to perform outbound hosting upon

I generate new token with editor scope, it works like a charm.

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