Trouble Integrating Twitch API for Stream Data Retrieval

Hello Twitch Developer Community,

I’ve been working on integrating the Twitch API into my application to retrieve stream data, but I seem to be encountering some difficulties.

I’ve followed the Twitch API documentation thoroughly and have set up the required authentication for making requests. However, when I attempt to fetch stream information using endpoints like ‘Get Streams’ or ‘Get Stream by User’, I’m consistently receiving a ‘404 Not Found’ or ‘Unauthorized’ response.

Here are the steps I’ve taken:

  1. Acquired and implemented the necessary Client ID and OAuth token.
  2. Constructed the API requests according to the Twitch API guidelines.
  3. Tested the requests using tools like cURL and Postman, ensuring proper header information and authorization.

Despite these efforts, I’m unable to successfully retrieve the expected stream data. I’ve also double-checked the credentials and endpoint URLs for accuracy.

Could anyone provide insights or potential troubleshooting steps for this issue? Has anyone encountered a similar problem while integrating Twitch API? Any guidance or pointers to resolve this would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance!

What are the calls you are trying to make?

This could suggest you are constructing the wrong urls’

Get Streams is documented here

So either

So you did a request to get an oAuth token are are not trying to use your client secret as a token? To be clear.

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