Trouble Signing In - Mismatched_Nonce error

I had recently decided to download the new Windows 10 update for my Acer Laptop. Everything worked out fine. When I opened the new Microsoft Edge Website, I was able to do everything perfectly fine. However whenever I try signing into my Twitch Account on the website, it says: “We’re sorry, we encountered an error logging you in (error code: mismatched_nonce).”

I’ve looked up this error on multiple websites and nothing seemed to pop up on how to fix it. I even asked all my friends who also downloaded Windows 10 if they were able to sign into their twitch account on Microsoft Edge. They all were able to easily.

I have absolutely no idea how to fix this problem but I would really like it to be fixed soon because I would like to be able to see who I’m following is streaming on my account.

Please open a general support ticket here:

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