Trouble with Bot Whispers

My bot is verified btw. I can send at maximum 1 whisper to any users but any whispers past that point will not show up until the user that got whispered reloads the page. I have tried this with myself and some friends. Is there some way to actually send multiple whispers which will actually show up? The point of the whisper is so that if someone does !list to list all levels being played in a stream that if the command happened recently it would instead whisper the user with the levels instead. Is there some other way I should be sending private messages?

For all intents and purposes, basically, bots can’t send whispers reliably.

For your use case, users should just scroll up in chat and read chat as the data they are after is already in chat.

Sending as a whisper is useless for users on mobile, as they have a longer fudgery to go find the whisper.

So for your usecase theres no good solution.
What you are doing might work as a panel or video component extension, (for mobile users thats just one click away)

The problem with making users scroll up in chat is that if someone joins after !list gets used then they won’t be able to scroll up. Most of the people that use that command are just entering the stream. Is there any documentation on making a panel that is modified using my bot?

is the landing page for extensions

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