Twitch API doesn't give the latest League of Legends Clipls

Hey there,
I use the following link to get the best LoL-Clips from the past 24 hrs to share with my friends.’ \

Sadly, this doesnt give the same clips, as the twitch channel of League of Legends shows me. Am i doing something wrong ?

You are asking for clips a game.
Not clips of a channel

So the API call your stated will give you results similar to

But your text/body of the post says you want clips from

Thank you for the fast reply. it was my goal to get clips from a game, not from one channel. It seems like you can’t sort with language=en ?

well here you said channel hence the confusion

correct that is not a filter the API supports

To language filter you’d have to do that in code after you retireve the response from the server.

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Ahh ok, good idea. I can manage that. Thanks !

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