Twitch API Version Update Discussion & FAQ

@DorCoMaNdO but with that suggestion, if you changed your display name it still wouldn’t change your channel name as that is based on your username, not display name.

Personally, as long as there is a better way to translate Usernames into ID’s than what’s currently there, I’ll be fine. It’ll mean more API calls, but I’m sure the devs would have known that this would be the result for a lot of 3rd party developers and would result in more API traffic.

I don’t really see channel names not matching display names as a problem, it works fine in YouTube.

@DallasNChains i hope there will be a better way to get the userids for the usernames (maybe a way to search multiple names at ones)
the search works but is inefficient (in the case the right result is not in the first result list its really expensive to do an additional search to get more results)

the way over v3 /users/%username% works but will not availabe forever, maybe its possible to add this to v5 too to have the abillity to search for the userids without perform a general search

So in the blog post it said if i wanted to use v5 I would have to pass the header, so does that mean if i dont change anything in my code (right now it simply goes to the URL, w/ my oauth and everything) it will continue to be in the API v3? Like for example I search Name?oauth=my oauth, and do not send anything else, like if I was putting it into my browser (which is how I preview what the endpoints look like and what i need to retrieve)
Should I be expecting these changes with v5 or will i still be using v3?

Next February, v1 and v2 are being removed and v3 is being deprecated. In 2018, v3 will be removed and v5 will become default.

@moocat @Stricted @Dist Trying to work that out with the team. Will keep you posted!

@josephcricket The why is really just to enable more features in the future as stated in the blog. I can’t be more specific. Sorry!

@GaryTheCoolGuyIII Basically, what @alca said. :slight_smile: v3 is the default until it is removed. We don’t want to break integrations that don’t specify a version.

Has anyone suggested sending the ID through IRC when a user joins just like it does when the user sends a message? If this is possible, it would be easier on the API since we won’t be making double the request.

Will there ever be a way to get all users that are currently in the channel? Like chatters but official?

@SeeingBlue Messaged you directly about this.

@Hoffs Already covered in previous answers. Short answer: nothing to announce right now. :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to move over to ids for games as well?

At the moment game names change from time to time, making some stored game names invalid. I was going to move over to using the game id, but there’s currently no way to query which game a game-id belongs to…

I’d also be interested in the answer to @SeeingBlue’s question about receiving ids on join in IRC. Also related, receiving the room-id in the ROOMSTATE message would be great, as mentioned earlier in the thread.

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Please add an “_id” property to the “channel” property of the video response object.

We heard you loud and clear, query by login is here:

Before you ask, yes, we’re looking into making a bulk version. :wink: Please be patient. It’s a holiday week in the US, so we’re all a little scarce. As always, I’ll keep you posted as we add these things.

CC: @3ventic @freaktechnik @moocat @george @Larklen @SeeingBlue @Wolfspirit and more I’m sure I missed.

@moocat I don’t think so since this is all synced with GiantBomb. I’ll have to check on that.

@jwheare There actually wasn’t an answer. :slight_smile: Just information gathering privately to not gum up the thread. I’ll let everyone know the resolution as we come to it. Noted. Thanks for pointing that out!


Will this script below still work on v5 of the API

@LawlyPopzz You need to speak with the developer of that particular code to ensure they’re updated. You can point them to this post or the blog.

I could update it if it needs to be i’m just not sure if it ill need to or not! and thanks for the email about the change

Thank you and no rush. We got time. :slight_smile: Any idea what the bulk limit would be? 50? 100?

Edit: Also what other useful information can we add to this endpoint? Can we also add a query to compare a specific channel and get follower and subscriber data too? I might be asking too much, but you never know! I just want to avoid querying the API twice when I can.

Why is the id a string in the response while it’s an integer in all other parts of the API?

i.e. the response for is:

  "_total": 1,
  "users": [
      "display_name": "dallas",
      "_id": "44322889",
      "name": "dallas",

but for it’s:

  "language": "en",
  "_id": 44322889,
  "name": "dallas",

It’s just a little thing but I’d like to see this being consistent.

@SeeingBlue Probably similar to other endpoints, which is 100 I think?

@Rodney Good catch! I think this should always be a string (hence why the newer endpoint has a string). I’ll double check.

Will this endpoint be changing at all?