Twitch CLI is not sending the timestamp header

here is the context : I’ve already implemented the twitch eventsub listener for various project (months/years ago).but right now it appears that twitch-CLI is not sending me any timestamp header as it should ?

I was using some old code used in my previous project that are using the eventsub,

For the example the following command line ( redemption id is from the doc) :

twitch event trigger update-redemption -F http://localhost/twitch/webhook -i 032e4a6c-4aef-11eb-a9f5-1f703d1f0b92 -S secret -C 250

Is only sending me the following headers :


As you can see the Twitch-Eventsub-Message-Timestamp header (and the signature) are missing, but I need them to verify if the incoming requests are from twitch

Any idea of what I’m missing? I’ve only used the CLI a few times

Thanks for reading !

it’s -s lower case s

Upper case S is for event status
Lower case s is for the secret

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