Twitch drops in helix API

Hello! I’m currently developing a backend for integration with Twitch drops. All the drops’ docs, that I was able to find, reference API V5 (kraken) but in the same time it’s specified as deprecated and I should use helix API.
Am I missing something here or I should just wait until drops will be migrated to the new version?

There is no published timeline for migrations. If you need to use it now use kraken. If your campaign isn’t going to run for a while, then you can wait and see.

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Thanks, @WLG3R! I would agree with this advice and wanted to confirm this approach. We launched the newest version of Drops on August 18 that will outlast V5.

As mentioned in that announcement, the past version of Drops will be available into January 2021. If your campaign ends before this time, feel free to use either version. If your campaign will extend beyond January 2021, you should use the newest version of Drops to avoid duplicate work or disruption during the campaign.