Twitch Embedded Player Migration - Timeline Update

Why not just enable SSL and ensure that it is forced on your website @cretinhopla?
In Squarespace settings in your website go to Settings->Advanced->SSL

Thanks, Adam. That helped a bunch. Still a bummer on thumbnail option. I don’t have that option for Embed Block and Video Block doesn’t seem to work at all. Either way this relieves some stress.

I will add that it MAY make a difference if you are using SquareSpace 7.0 or 7.1. This really screwed me a few months ago on other features and I had to remodel my entire site to work in a new 7.1 template. SquareSpace upgrading everything around February and if you are on 7.0 still, which many are, some things work differently. Just something to note and that’s definitely not a Twitch issue. Beyond that Javascript should work in the Embed module and the iFrame should work in both the video and Embed Modules. You could inject the code too but I know how much of a pain that is.

Thanks. I’ll definitely look into. My template might be out dated at this point and wouldn’t be the worst idea to update the whole thing just a project in itself.

This can be attributed to a lack of understanding where my source request was coming from. I was actually viewing a static HTML file referencing the javascript - you can’t do this because your source request for the embed is actually the file itself and not “localhost”.

Basic setup for Windows:

  • Turn on Windows Features (IIS)
  • Create a self-signed cert in powershell
  • create your static site in IIS and assign the certificate
  • host your static site in the application directory
  • set the parent key in the embed to parent: []


If you’re referencing another site from your localhost site, you need to set the domain in parent: [‘yourdomain’,‘anotherdomain’,‘more’]

Leaving the previous below to help others

So is it possible to use javascript embeds and develop from localhost? It seems that discussion got lost halfway through and it never came back up. I saw the part about setting up SSL but that’s just an absurd requirement for developing in my given scenario.

I’m getting this error

[NoParent] parent query string value was not specified

With the following html:

    <script src= "./twitch_player.js"></script>
    <!-- Projectors -->
    <div id="twitch_projector_1"></div>
    <!-- Streams -->
    <!-- xxx -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var options = {
          width: 1920/2,
          height: 1080/2,
          channel: "xxx",
          migration: "true",
          parent: ["localhost"]
      var player = new Twitch.Player("twitch_projector_1", options);

Request shows that two parent parameters were passed, one is “localhost” the other is “” (blank).

Request URL:

When using the iframe option, it just refuses to connect.

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