Twitch Embedded Player Updates in 2020

This update does not add Channel Points accrual or Extensions implementation to the Twitch embedded player.

Couple of questions -

  1. What do you do if you have multiple domains and many subdomains?

For instance

  1. If you embed your stream in Tweets on Twitter is this change going to cause them to stop working?
  2. Right now any newly linked Twitch stream on Reddit, gets Auto embedded, will this change cause that to stop working?
  3. If a random 3rd party, presses the SHARE BUTTON on a Twitch page, grabs the embed code, and puts it on a webpage for instance a gaming news website, will that embed not work anymore due to this change?

Hi there! These are excellent questions. To answer your first question, you would include each listed domain as its own parent key, e.g.…etc. Additional guidance to answer your other questions will be provided in future forum posts with timeline updates.

Do you know if wildcard works? For instance lets say I have dynamically generating subdomains …

Can we use * to cover all of them?

Also another question that maybe sight off topic, will this update do anything to Twitch’s Dashboard Analytics in terms of “Where Views come from section”?

Right now there appears to be a issue with Analytics from embeds that are on certain domain and subdomains, example would be anything from * that shows a Twitch Embed doesnt show up. Would this update to the embed player help get this to post up correctly on the analytics side of things?

What does this mean for mobile apps? Obviously they don’t have domains so I’m assuming this does not apply to twitch embedded in a WKWebView for iOS, for example?


Specifying wildcard URLs (e.g. * are not accepted for the parent value.

And this update will not affect dashboard analytics. If this is a bug for the team to investigate, please feel free to report it at

Please see your other thread here.

How do we assign parent when embedding onto an internal site with no DNS or SSL?

What about situations where I want to embed my own chat in a local html file? I have a local html file that has 4 iframes (1 for Twitch, 3 for racing telemetry I use during iRacing sessions that are also local html files). Now the Twitch iframe won’t load because there is no host domain in this scenario.

Here’s an example ( I run this file from my desktop.

localhost and are except from the HTTPS restriction and either localhost or the 127 IP range should be used as the parent value for local files.

So as long as your HTML file is served via a webserver and not file:// you can add the parent tag to the iframe and you are good to go

Hello, I’ve embedded my Stream on my Homepage with my Homepage as parent but it doesnt show up. My Homepage is

I have (had?) no need for a web server. 3 of the iframes are localhost, 1 was Twitch. Unfortunate.

HTTPS is required to use the embedd but your website is served via HTTP.

That should work just fine! localhost is a valid parent value and HTTPS is not enforced for local embeds. You can also use local IP addresses like as the parent.

I’m having the same issue. How exactly can I open a local html on my browser with a chat embed? Adding just localhost returns a white frame.

Hey. How to hide topBar? Will the new version of Player Twitch have adaptability? Or will it still work crookedly? If it is not possible to find out all levels of nesting, will the player work?

var parent_domain=[];
parent_domain.push(new URL(window.location.ancestorOrigins[i]).hostname);


Since the change, I can no longer integrate Twitch into my Wix site
Could someone help me?



Not sure what you are trying to do here? What do you mean by “top bar”

Is your local html on http://localhost or file://file won’t work has to be on a webserver. Even a localhost one

Wix is always a mess. Either use the JS lib to embed your player or add the parentquery parameter as documented

On the phone it is not possible to press the big Play button

That would suggest you made the player a bit small. You can probably make it bigger to fit your and Twitch’s UI better. But it is also something Twitch might need to look at. You might want to raise this on the github as a bug for “small players”