Twitch Embedded Player Updates in 2020

Hi there, i’ve been trying to fix my site from wordpress. can you pls help me take a look? this is my website

Your website is not over SSL

unfortunately, it didn’t work :frowning: thank you though!

Your website currently has

You didn’t updated it properly.

I did update it and it shows the grey crash screen with the face. Barry, would you be able to provide me exactly what I need to put? I am not very good at this as you can already see.

The iframe src should be

would this be correct?

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" iframe>

That is the URL I sent you yes

still shows the crash screen. What am I doing wrong? Sorry for the amount of messages!

Post the page with the error. I cannot find a broken embed

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I posted! on @BarryCarlyon could you please check it out? I am limited to 3 replies per discussion as I am a new user :frowning:

Don’t necro another post please! You just bounced a 10 month old thread to the top and notified everyone in that thread for a old post with something not relevant

Shows working here

Hey, man! Looks like you’re the guy to ask, please help! I have many user pages that rely on this embed feature and they’re ALL BROKEN, so here’s the example page:

I tried everything listed here in the thread but I must be missing something, because they’re all still broken… Please help!


OMG I swear I tried that lol, but it worked like a charm this time. Thanks for taking the time to walk us all through this, we obviously picked WIX because we thought we could take the easy way out, and we should have known better… lol

Thanks again! You saved my user pages!

why does it appear super tiny?

The link I have works:

but when I put it into iframe I get the grey error box on my website:

works fine here

oohh i guess i should have tested it published lol i see it works on my end now thanks

Tried to get this to work on, but it is not working.