Twitch integration problem on a web page

Hello to all,

I’m a very young dev’ and I’m having a problem with integrating a twitch player and its linked chat on a website built on WordPress using a DIVI builder theme.

While browsing the various tutorials and articles available on the Net I systematically come across the same pieces of code, either in html for an iframe integration, or in JS for a cleaner integration …

Each time these two solutions work in admin preview on DIVI and Wordpress but not in production, as if the code had disappeared as if by magic. And I confess I certainly lack knowledge but I dry on the solution to use …

There are WP modules available to all but they all conflict with DIVI and this is a bit annoying because the site is built with this tool … I see myself badly recode the whole site now.

Have you ever had this problem ? How did you solve it?

Thank you in advance for your advice, your help or the possible tracks to study.

(my apologies my english is so bad I had to use a translator)

I open dev tools

I look for errors in the console

I inspect the source of the blog post to see what wordpress did/actually generate.

Theres too many what ifs to give a straight answer.

Depending on which version of Wordpress you are running, what theme, did wordpress strip the HTML content out, are you using a shortcode for the embed an the shortcode is not working properly.

This is more a Wordpress problem (how to use iframes and script in posts/pages) than a Twitch problem.

I integrate it with the theme at a different level, writing my own plugin or theme functions and use a wordpress shortcode.

Thank you for your answer!

It’s true that I should have documented more, I will try to do that during the day.

However your solution is the one I had interviewed I will try on my side to see what it is and I will tell you what it is

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