Twitch overlay extension

Then you need a video extension.

Which’ll then show on channels that have intalled and activated your extension into the video slot.

Or you need a CLR browser source and the caster includes it in their streaming software and it’s encoded into the stream

I have created the video extension only

A video-overlay extension renders on top of the video player as a transparent overlay. Overlay Extensions are viewable only when the channel is live.

Can we configure it to be displayed in the channel’s stream bottom always?

Define “always”?

A video extension will do whatever you define it to do.

It’s a webpage that overlays the stream. So if you set the body to be 100% by 100%, then you can put a div in that body and place it at the bottom using CSS.

Working, thank you Barry

I want to test my livescore extension on my channel, for which I have uploaded my assets in Twitch. Activate and set as Overlay 1 done

Now when live it is not showing me my extension on channel, getting the following

Then you need to debug the issue.

Most commonly you have uploaded a zip containing a folder of files
Instead of a zip containing the files

The current status of overlay is “Current Status: Local Test”. I am able to see my score overlay in “Twitch developer Rig” see here

but the same is not displaying in Stream Manager

Extension is already activated on channel

Am I on the right track? what could be the problem here?

I am getting the following error in console 404

Did you hover of the stream
Hit the icon on the right
Select “Accept” on the dialog disclaimer that it’s an in test extension?


Also please don’t necro the post I referenced and/or post the same message on multiple threads.

When “Extension Status: Local Test” icon is not displayed, but when current extension status: Hosted Test icon in the right is displayed

after clicking on ‘Accept’ following is displayed

I clicked on ‘Add to my channel’ showing the following screen

Score overlay is still not displayed on my channel

Getting the following error in console

The icon appears regardless of extension state if the extension is active on the channel, and in the case of video extensions the Stream is live

You don’t need to do that you already did that part.
You just have to hit accept then close the dialog.

There is nothing in your screenshot relevant to extensions, check the network tab to observe actual HTTP requests and their response code status

Icon displayed in right side and clicked on ‘Accept’ button
The extension still not displaying on my channel while status is in “Local Test”. I don’t know what and where I am missing the things.

Check chrome inspector network tab for any HTTP errors
Check chrome console for any errors
Right click on the video and inspect element to find the iframe and see if you have any HTML loaded and any HTML elements if any are placed where you are expecting them to be

No error found in console
No error in network tab

No html element found related to my overlay in the elements tab

In the network tab find the calls to load your extension.

Or at this point tell me the channel that it’s installed on, and add me to the testers whitelist and I’ll go debug for you

Thank you, My channel is tariquewaseem. I have whitelisted your account ‘BarryCarlyon’ for testing.

You are currently in localtest served from Localhost I cannot view the extension, as the URL is set to localhost

ok, let me host it on some domain. I need to host all these files right?

yup. For hosted test you zip up the files in the folder, not a folder of files

Uploaded the files and move to next step “hosted test” Please check now

404 files not uploaded correctly

Check the zip you uploaded contains the files, not a folder with files in