Twitch overlay server

Correct yes.

If you are passing this and the API is returning “no client ID” then your call to the API is wrong somewhere

this error is possible? in case : when i am passing wrong bearer token?

If the bearer is wrong then you would get a error saying the bearer is wrong, not that the clientID is missing

ok thanks BarryCarlyon


Please go reset your extension secret. as you just leaked it publically, which is bad for the security of your extension and a violation of the developer agreement.

I have edited your post to remove the violation

ya i reset already

now i am using the token with my bearer but showing this

Can you repost your JWT creation logic with the Secret censored?

I said with the secret censored!!!


You have a comma after the channelID in error


This needs to be cast as a string not a integer, as userID’s/channelID’s are technically strings not numbers/integers

So wrap it like so:

“user_id”: “495804140”,

now its showing 204 no content its means its success?

204 No Content is the expected response, as noted in the example request/responses

2xx codes are “OK codes”

204 No Content, means OK, and there is nothing else to tell you/no data to return.

ok thanks BarryCarlyon

server not work is any work in progress on this?

The problem is your side/in your call not Twitch.

Whats the actual response you are getting?
What is the actual error?

Could not get any response

There was an error connecting to

That isn’t useful. Wheres the verbose output?

Sounds like there is a problem with the tool you are using or your ubuntu install. Even something as simple as your clock being out of date.

Run a terminal curl request and debug the output

The endpoint you are having issues with is working fine/correctly here.

ok thanks now its work

So there was no issue, just something wrong with the tool you are using?

What did you change?
What did you fix?
What was the actual problem?

if you changed nothing and now it works then there is something wrong with your machine

i am just refreshing all things and its work

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